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Moose Amps


Welcome to the home of the Moose
Here's an authentic reproduction of the 5F4 circuitry found in the 35 watt rare classic Fender Tweed Super Amp. Only the best parts were used, including: Sprague Atom capacitors, paper and oil capacitors, metal film resistors, carbon film resistors, Mercury Magnetic transformers to original specifications, Weber potentiometers (pots), Weber chrome chassis, Weber copper cap rectifier, Weber VST speakers, Bias pot (which is a variation on the original, but takes the work out of rebiasing new tubes), solid 1" pine cabinet covered in durable white tolex, a 1/2 " birch baffleboard covered in black basketweave grill cloth.

This is a great small to medium sized club amp. Now you can have the same great sound of a 1950's Tweed Super without the worry of somebody walking off with it.

This amp can produce a clean tone yet rich and beautifully harmonic. Open it up and let that 50's sweet Tweed tone out. Try it with your blues harmonica, too. This is the "have fun" amp you've been looking for.


100% Hand crafted . I use what I consider to be the best parts available. I offer a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner,excluding speakers. This warranty does not cover abuse to my Moose.




All amps are a hand-wired point-to-point design.  


Moose Amps are only sold on eBay.

If you would like to be notified when a Moose is up for auction on eBay send me a email and I will add you to my notification list.

Model TP5F4



Moose Amps,Oscoda Michigan